Law of Attraction – Family lesson # 2

For those of you who have read my family’s first lesson in practising the Law of Attraction, you may be under the impression that I never tell my kids ‘no’ or ‘don’t’. Let me just say…I’m human. I am by no means, the perfect parent. We all have our good days and bad days. The intent for me was to make the kids more aware that words are powerful, and to chose them wisely. Of course I’ve disciplined my children with the occasional ‘no’, and dare I say occasional rant. But the idea is to try as much as possible to use words that will attract positive things into our lives. Some people call it ‘positive parenting’…it’s not a new concept. I read an awesome book a few years back called Transforming the Difficult Child – The Nurtured Heart Approach, and it also amplifies the importance of using powerful positive words. Here’s the link.

So onto our Lesson 2 of teaching Law of Attraction to Kids …The Vision Board

Have you ever heard the saying ‘ Ask and you shall receive ‘?  What about ‘when you put your mind to something…’ or ‘put yourself out there’? All of these common sayings relate to the law of attraction. The law itself is not difficult to understand. Even small children get it. (Actually even toddlers live by this concept…remember the ‘terrible twos’?)  But how to make the law work for you takes some practise. Hense the vision board.

Have you ever had your child cut out items that they really wanted for Christmas out of the catalogue and stick it on your refridgerator?  Little did you know that they were practising the law of attraction.

We started creating our own individual ‘vision boards’ together as a family last year. I purchased 4 individual cork boards labeled with our names. I then had the kids think of 1 thing that they would like to have or do in the next 2 weeks and look for pictures that represented that thing. I decided that starting with a 2 week period would work better rather than a longer period of time. This just makes things happen faster. The key here was to show them the positive results as soon as possible! The boards were then put on the kitchen wall, where we would see them everyday. Every night after dinner, I would ask the kids to think of 1 thing that made them happy that day. Once they thought about that 1 thing, I asked them to tell me how ‘happy’ felt inside them. ( my oldest son, a bug enthusiast, said he had good shivers when he caught the huge dragonfly that day). Once they were aware of what ‘happy’ feels like, then I asked them to think of the object/place/or person that they had on their board while feeling ‘happy’.

Practising the law of attraction is more than just visualizing. You ask, you believe and you act as though you have it already.  The believing part is easy to teach kids, but the acting as though you have it already is trickier.

In my next blog I’ll share some pretty amazing stories of kids who practised the Law of attraction and got what they wanted.

Until next time, thanks for reading,

Peace and Love,



One response to “Law of Attraction – Family lesson # 2

  1. Hi !
    I am grateful for you starting this blog! I have been using law of attraction for 1 year now, for myself, and now is the time to teach it to my kids..
    thanks for the examples – for me, it is challenging to do it, especially all by myself (my husband suspects it exists, but i don’t he knows what it is exactly and how to use it all the time). keep on writing!

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