Rock Solid First Day of School

I know, I promised that I would share with you cool stories about how kids have used tthe law of attraction to get what they want. But since I write this blog I’ll make the executive decision to postpone that for a bit… cause today was a big day.

Today was the first day back at school. As usual, last night was filled with ‘pre-first-day-of-school’ jitters. My oldest has a habit creating a huge ‘to-do’ in preparation, as though he was preparing for an audition for a Hollywood movie.

Each year is the same thing. A few days before, the nightmares.  The night before, the insomnia. The day of, the chaos. This year however, I saw it coming…and I was fully prepared, armed with ‘newage’ weapons of mass relaxation and visualization. 

Two days before school started we had a trial ‘first day of school’ morning. My youngest thought this was crazy so he opted out of this activity after realizing that he could stay in bed. 

The night before, my oldest asked me for some ‘Reiki’, and so I obliged with a short version of the ‘stress prevention’ therapy. (I use short version because 20 minutes is all that kids can really take sitting or lying still).

This morning as we were finally going through the motions of getting ready for school for real…I found my oldest going through his gems in his room.  He has always had a fascination with gems/rocks ever since he was little, and even prior to my ‘awakening’. He now has quite a collection.

‘Look mom, I have my green rock (aquamarine gem). Do you think if I hold it for a while it will help?’

‘If you need it to help you, it will help you I’m sure’. I said.

The actual drop off and ‘meet-n-greet’ was anti-climatic. As we got to their classrooms the event went as follows:

‘Bye mom’.

‘Bye honey’.

Really, that’s it? What happened to the usual meltdown, crying and latching on to me event?

Guess we did good after all. Gosh I love new age kids!


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