Law of Attraction & Kids – Proof # 1

I want to start by thanking everyone who have been reading my blog. I can’t believe the number if hits it’s getting. Maybe there are more newage parents out there that we know. Don’t worry folks, here we are free to step out the newage closet and admit that we seeking spiritual enlightenment for ourselves and our children.

Now onto what I promised a few days ago. Real-life examples of kids using the Law of Attraction to get what they want!

This one inspires me the most because it involves my oldest son.

We live in a small town, surrounded by a flurry of other small towns, which are all no more than 20 minutes apart from one another.  My oldest, a hockey fanatic, plays on our ‘town’ team. However, both of my children attend a school that is located in the next town over (6 minutes away exactly).

Since kindergarden, my oldest has had the same ‘best friend’ and those two boys are inseparable in school. Even now, at the age of 9, they have never had an argument or tiff between them. The other little boy is also a hockey nut…the problem is that he lives and plays hockey in the town where my kids go to school. That means, the boys can never play hockey together (town rules I guess). Neither do they ever play against each other (municipality rules that I don’t get).

Anyway, last year my son kept talking to us about how sad he was that he could never play hockey with this friend. Repeatedly, he asked us to move.

‘Can we sell the house and move?’ he asked.

Honey, I love our house.

‘Can I go live at his house in the winter and come back in the spring?’

Honey, I would miss you too much.

For the longest time after that particular conversation the subject was dropped. So I thought he let it go, moved on.  One spring day, he asked me if his friend could come over to play street hockey. Fine, I said. From my front window I could see them, sitting on the ledge of the sidewalk, both dressed in make shift-worn down-too big hockey equipment, deep in intense conversation.  As they came back in I asked my son what they were so intently discussing outside…it seemed really important.

‘Oh, we were just planning our moves for the game’.

What game?

‘When we play on the same team together, we were practising our moves’.


I caught on. Good one. I saw what was going on here…my son was using the law of attraction. Ask, Believe and Act as though you have it!

In the following weeks I didn’t even have a moment to reflect back on that particular day, until one evening in the supermarket. I ran into a woman that I knew from work and we started chatting. As it turns out, her husband was going to be the coach for a new summer league hockey team that would be starting up shortly in one of the other towns.

‘It’s for 9 year olds’ she said. ‘And they can be from anywhere this year.’

Really now.

“Your son should play’ she proceeded.

You wouldn’t happen to know who has already signed up? And there it was…my son’s best friend, on the roster, and an open spot.

Needless to say that my son had a wonderful summer, playing hockey with his ‘bestest friend’. It was bliss to see them play together on the same line. For him, it was heaven.

For me, it was amazement. What if I hadn’t gone to the supermarket that day? What if we hadn’t run out of milk that morning and needed some for dinner?

But I know better. Don’t ask why. Just know that there is a reason for everything, and that you really can have everything that you want.

Stay tuned next time for a story about a little girl, a stick, and a very lucky dog.

Peace and love,



2 responses to “Law of Attraction & Kids – Proof # 1

  1. Wow! That is SO awesome! I’m trying to introduce LOA and “God” to my boys. It’s been a little challenging because I’m fairly new myself, but it seems the more I let go of old beliefs and shift my perceptions, the easier it is for me to express it all verbally.
    Great post. I’m definately book marking you!

    Catch a Smile and Spread the Joy!
    El Baugher

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