Proof #2 As Promised

I realize that anyone can discount the stories that I am posting as simply ‘coincidences’. A few years ago I would have said the very same thing. However, I now chose to believe that is no such thing as coincidences anymore, and that everything happens for a reason. More than that, I chose to believe that I can direct my own destiny and things ‘happen’ in line with what I have destined for myself.  This is what I have taught my own children.

The second example of a child using the Law of Attraction comes from a friend of a friend…but I still think it’s awesome.

A man and his wife had been teaching their 4 kids the Law of Attraction for some time. One day, the man noticed an old tree branch underneath the back seat of his van. He picked it up and threw it out onto the grass in his yard. The next day, the stick was there again and once again he did the same thing. The following week, after finding a similar stick in his van he asked his children if they knew why the stick was there.

HIs oldest daughter spoke up.

‘It’s for my dog’.

What dog?

‘The dog that I’m going to get soon. It’s the stick that I’m going to throw for him to fetch’.

The dad understood exactly what was going on.  For years, the daughter had mentioned wanting a dog, but as a family, all agreed that it was too much work and committment to fit within their busy lifestyle. However, being a believer, he decided to ‘go with the flow’ and see how things would turn out.

A few months later, the neighbours had a crisis. Their 2 year old dog unexpectedly gave birth to 5 puppies in their basement. They desperately needed people to help care for and take home  the puppies…and I think you can see where this story is going.

The daughter does indeed play fetch with her new dog now.


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