“You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”

I was discussing the law of attraction with a friend of mine the other day and she made a comment to me that has stuck with me since then. She said, ‘You know, you can’t teach children that they can have whatever they want in life.”

Is that true? At which point in history did we decide that? Does that imply that I raising my children with values that would encourage them to want inappropriate things?  I am raising my children with core values and a straightforward set of rules. I believe that if I truly do a good job with these 2 items, that what they ask for in life will never be inappropriate.

For example, I teach my children to be kind and considerate of others, to be honest, and to be respectful towards people, things, and nature.  I also have simple laws in order to keep them safe and able to function within our Society, such as you must finish your homework, you must abide by curfews, etc.

So why not tell them, knowing that I am instilling in them the values and boundaries mentioned above, that they can have anything they want in life?

My youngest son sometimes comes running into the kitchen in a hunger panic right before dinner and opens the refridgerator grabbing food left and right. I could easily say ‘No, you can’t eat everytime you’re hungry.  Dinner is almost ready.’  What am I telling this child? He is hearing that he can’t eat when he’s hungry.

Alternatively, I chose the following conversation:

Hey there. I see you’re really hungry. That’s great! Dinner will be ready in a few minutes and I’m really glad that you will enjoy it.

“But I’m hungry!”

I can see that. You must have burnt up a lot of energy today. Is your stomach growling like a bear? Why don’t you help me set the table so we can get to dinner faster. You can even help me with dinner if you want. Since you’re so hungry, I’ll even let you lick the spoon. (I think we had spagetti that night). ]

That was the end of it. Trust me, this happens a lot, and I redirect a lot.  He got what he wanted (to eat something) and I got what I wanted (him to wait for dinner).

I tell my children that they can have whatever they put their mind to…and my job is to make sure it’s within the boundaries that are mentioned above.

For those who say that parents who teach kids the law of attraction are lax in their parenting, I disagree. I think they are more creative and positive in their approach.

Same thing goes for money and teaching your children that wealth and abundance are a good thing! (I know I’ll get some comments on that one)

Maybe that topic is best discussed on its own…

Until next time,

Peace and love



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