Oh Oh! A law of attraction bump in the road

Although I am big fan of the book ‘The Secret’ I do find that there is a fundamental point missing –that of needing to take ‘action’ to get what you want. Although I firmly believe in the law of attraction, I also believe in hard work. Someone watching the DVD or reading the book mentioned above may easily come to the conclusion that all you have to do is ‘ask’ and then simply wait to receive.

I’m not so sure it works that way…but my oldest son certainly did.

Last week was hockey tryouts for a regional competitive team. This is the team that all of the nhl wannabees ‘wanna be’ on. My son included. I had made it a point in the weeks leading up to the tryouts, not to talk to my son about LOA…his own pressures were enough. During the week of tryouts, he skated his heart out, went for the puck, and didn’t let the bigger kids get the best of him.

But then his world came crashing down. The coach pulled him and my husband aside into a little room and broke the news that he had not made the team and would not be called back for practise. Ouch. That night he came home very quiet, took a shower, and went to bed. Not a peep. When I went to kiss him goodnight, he turned his face towards mine and said…

‘The law of attraction sucks!’

Oh oh, how do I handle this one? Think. Think.

‘Good night sweetie. I can see you are upset and I understand how disappointed you are. Let’s talk about it after a good night sleep. Goodnight.’

It took him but a few seconds and he was soundly asleep. It took a few days really before I broached the subject of the law of attraction again. It went a little like this…

Sometimes your head says it really wants something, but your heart doesn’t agree.  The universe responds to requests that come from the heart, so if you truly don’t believe something in your heart, then it might be hard for the law of attraction to work.

‘But I wanted to make the team’.

If it’s something that you really truly want, then the universe will give you hints and clues that tell you what you have to do to get it. You have to pay attention to these clues.

‘What do you mean?’

Remember this summer when the boy down the road kept coming to our house everyday, asking you to play road hockey? You got really annoyed because he came everyday and you wanted to do other things. I used to see him all the time, playing by himself, shooting the tennis ball into the net over and over again. You said that was boring.

‘Ya so’

Well, what did the coach last week say to you was the reason why you didn’t make the team?

‘He said I didn’t have good aim on the net’.

Oh. And we both left it at that.

I truly do believe that the key to using the law of attraction is paying attention to the subtle or blatant clues that the universe provides you in order to get you what. That and Kharma. Some things you are just not meant to get in this lifetime. But that’s a whole other topic.

I think my son gets it now and hopefully, this experience hasn’t hindered his belief. It certainly hasn’t impacted mine.

Peace and love,



One response to “Oh Oh! A law of attraction bump in the road

  1. Great post Newagemom…

    How we deal with our kids’ disappointments relating to (or blaming) the LOA is both vitally important and a very touchy subject. I think you handled it well.

    The LOA is not a perfect science. It can’t be because it involves us…imperfect beings who are constantly battling our internal thoughts and feelings about whatever we “think” we want.

    Sometimes, in situations like your son’s, it’s just timing. Maybe it’s next year for him or maybe it’s not his path, regardless of what he thinks he “wants” right now.

    Keep us posted on future outcomes…




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