The ADHD Sho-down – School vs Newagemom

Now that school is back in session I am once again faced with dealing with my son’s non-conformist attitude to school and learning. Already I have received notes from the teacher regarding his ‘disruptive’ behaviour and his trouble concentrating during lessons. I think these subtle, friendly ‘just thought you should know’ notes are simply the appetizer before we are asked to come to the school to discuss the main course, or ‘options’ for my son. These ‘options’ mostly involve some sort of psychosocial drug intervention in the form of a little blue pill.

This is where the school and I disagree.

 My husband and I did, in a moment of sheer desperation last year, try the medication thing for a few months with my son, only to have him turn into a irratable, sleepless, malnourished shell of a kid. Never again — I promised myself.

But I have to admit that there are times where I wonder if it would be easier to simply drop the pill into his pop-tart.

But then I keep thinking about what I had read a last year regarding Indigo Children. ADHD is a gift, some say, a gift that must be handled preciously and without medical intervention. AHDH is a gift I keep telling myself…look at Michael Phelps, 8-time Olympic medal winner and the world’s most popular ADHD kid.

So if ADHD is a gift and medication is not the answer…what is? In my previous blogs I talked about Positive Parenting including the use of positive words, redirecting of behaviour through positive reinforcement, etc. That is an ongoing practise for me, and it works, no doubt about it. But what can I do to assist him in functionning in the mainstream school system?

What else can I do to help my son reach his full potential? How to keep his spirit intact while assisting him to somewhat behave within societal norms?

How do I assist with restoring calmness within his brain and body?

For me, I decided to try the following things with my son: changing his nutrition habits and adding nutritional supplements, and Reiki. 

It remains difficult to discuss these things with the teacher…and with some, I give them a ‘Coles Notes’ version of my newage interventions.

In my next blog I’ll talk about Reiki. What a gift. It’s amazing what this does for my ADHD son. If only people knew.

Oh, and before I go, I’ll share with you a little something that I had heard in a lecture by the famous Doreen Virtue

“ADHD = Attention Dialed into Higher Dimension”.


Peace and love,


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