Where is dad in all of this?

Someone asked me the other day where my hubby stood in regards to my new age approach to parenting. I have to say, that I married a sweet man, however he is most possibly the most negative person that I know. When I first started talking about Reiki the conversations went mostly like this:

‘I went to Chapters today and I bought my Reiki manual.”

“Your what? Your Ranki manual?”

“Reiki, honey, REE-KEE!”

“Oh, how much did this Reker manual cost?”


“Whatever, how much did it cost?”

It’s hard to believe that we went from these conversations to him asking me for ‘ranki’ on his sore neck. My philosophy was simple. Live and let live. I can only work on me. Those that wish to tag along with me during my journey are more than welcome. The more I gave him space regarding my new found interests, the more he became open to learning about them.

One evening as I made my way to bed, I noticed the bedroom door closed and could hear a voice talking. As I slowly opened the door, there he was, lying in bed, lights closed, listening to my ‘Guided Meditation’ cd, breathing in, breathing out. Holy smokes. Was this really the man who used to stress on garbage day and couldn’t stand just sitting still?

I didn’t dare say anything. It was too good of a moment. Then he noticed me.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing”. I said.

“He turned his head back onto the pillow, ” You’re so darned relaxed and happy, I want that too.”

So, his journey has begun as well, but I have learnt that I can not change people or make them feel peaceful. All that I can do is shine onto them with light and love and hope that they can find the peace within themselves…ok, maybe with a little nudge.



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