Brain Food.

In my research regarding treating ADHD naturally, the same theme always seems to stand out…nutrition.  I am not a doctor or a naturopath, I am a parent. Even better, I am an observant parent. Without having read too much on varying affects of foods on ADHD children I can tell you without a doubt that sugar, chocolate and dairy, all have a significant impact on the behaviour of my son. I can also tell you that having my yougnest take OMEGA oils each day, has had a similar impact on him as his previous ADHD medication did.

I recommend the following website called It has fabulous information about what types of food affect ADHD kids. Did you know that dairy (or cow’s milk) has huge affects on some children? It used to be that milk was the thing that had to be on the table for every single meal. I grew up being pressured to drink milk because it ‘did the body good!’.

However nowadays, due to chemicals and hormones injected into cattle, more and more children are susceptible to reactions to dairy. For both of my children, I could not breastfeed them for more than 2 weeks when they were born. They would constantly cry, throw up, and lose weight. The doctor advised me that they must be lactose intolerant and to cut any breast milk or regular formula. They were given speciality lactose-free formula. However as they grew, I was encouraged to try milk, small quantities at a time, along with yogurts and other dairy products. Over time, they grew used to it and could tolerate it. Little did I know, that their sensitivity to dairy products would remain unhidden…and even more, would be the source of their behavioural and learning issues.

Avoiding dairy is a daily struggle in our home, as my youngest has a affinity to yogurts and cheese now. Furthermore, I know that items like ketchup (Red dye) and chocolate (I myself am a chocoloholic), are very difficult to keep out of the house and out of our kids’ digestive system.

Our approach as a family right now is to simply try our best. Once in a while, the occasional bowl of Honey Combs makes it way onto the table. We are by no means perfect in our attempts.  

It is also important to note the impact of Omega 3 Oils on people with ADHD. Although it smells and taste fishy (literally), it is essential to my son’s functionning. He takes 1 spoonful each morning in 2 ounces of sugar free cranberry juice…and there are no problems getting it down! We currenly use the product Neuromega, and only because we were told it was the more concentrated in DHA.

So there you have it, my bit on nutrition. I have to say that this has to be the most difficult change in parenting pattern that we have had to undertake. We are still trying to figure out how to make it work. No milk at dinner or ketchup on the potatoes? Yikes, not how I was raised!

Peace and love,


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