It’s been a while

I realize it has been a long time since my last post…and I’ve probably lost my readers!

But for a while there, I had lost my MOJO temporarily…and now I’m on the mend! I’m in the midst of taking my third level of Reiki and it has re-centred me, and I’m starting to feel grounded again. It happens to all of us once in a while!

A lot has happened since my last post. I have had once again a meeting with the principal and teacher at my son’s school. I think they get the picture now. I’m my son’s advocate…his champion…and nothing will get in my way of me trying to get him the services that he needs in order to learn the traditional school subjects of the educational system. I believe they are important, it’s just how to teach them that should vary. But alas, it doesn’t. Not yet.

Again, I hammered the point home with them…my son’s self-esteem MUST NOT be affected. He MUST be valued and CAN NOT be seen as ‘deficient’ in any way. Or else, we’ve lost him. By the end of the meeting either they got it, or they were just humouring me. I’m not sure yet.

Now that dairy is completely out of my son’s system…I can see a clear difference! He is less hyper, calmer. It’s odd to think that milk can have that effect on people. It’s not like they react to their insensitivity to milk by breaking out in a rash…their behaviour completely changes. Who would have thought? I guess when you think of all of the hormones and chemicals that are injected into cattle to produce the milk…it’s no wonder.

Now, we’re onto another natural kick…pure unpasturized honey. I dare you to google it…see what happens. Centuries ago, the aboriginal people knew exactly what they were doing with natural medicine. We should pay attention to their learnings. Apparently natural, unpasteurized honey can cure arthritis, it can help concentration, and ease burns or eczema. The millions of google hits will tell you that it can also do a lot more.

So now, in the mornings, my children eat cereal with soy milk (they haven’t been able to tell the difference so far), with a spoonful of natural honey to sweeten…and voila! A treat that’s beneficial for ADHD and healthy.

Enough about the food thing. I think you all know my stance on nutrition and ADHD.

Right now, we are focussing on diet and positive interactions with my son in order to help with the so-called ADHD ‘problem’. And so far, it’s not a problem. Of course he isn’t getting A+ in school, but he is turning out to be a wonderfully kind, gentle, and spiritual boy who is naturally gifted in the performing arts! That’s all I could ask for. As long as society allows him to develop to his full potential, without making him feel deficient or less of a person because of a label he’s been given.

Right now, I perceive both of my children to be gifts from the Creator, whoever or whatever that may be. They are teaching me so much about life, and about love. They inspire me to want to awaken and to become more understanding about what life is all about. Listen to your children folks…they are little teachers. Did you know that the new wave of children being born are here for a specific purpose? In my next post I’ll tell you more. I think you’ll find it interesting and you will start to look at your own children in a completely different way!

Until then, Light and love,


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