I lied….I did wait long

I know, it’s been again a long time. I’ve been debating, internally, on whether or not to come clean. I think I may feel better if I do, so here it is.

We are trying ADHD medication for my son!

Yikes! There you have it. As someone who considers themselve anti-drug therapy for kids with ADHD, we caved when the teach a few months ago advised us that he was going to fail grade 2. Out of sheer desperation, we decided to try concerta…among all of the other methods I might add.

And now?

Has a A- in math, and B’s in all other subjects. Is looking to finish reading 100 books before the end of the school year…he’s up to 78.

Oddly, I don’t feel better having come clean. Hopefully I can still consider myself ‘newage’, with all of my crystals, Reiki sessions, etc. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if I am ousted from the ‘enlightened’ community!


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