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Teaching my kids Law of Attraction principles

So I ‘ve already had the question asked ‘what is the law of attraction?’ (thanks to everyone for reading my blog by the way). Have you ever heard the saying ‘you reap what you sow?’. Well that’s pretty much it. This universal law is at the foundation for everything and everyone that we experience in our lives. We attract what we put out there in the universe..and what we put out there are thoughts, words, and actions. I probably don’t do this explaination justice, so I strongly encourage you to google law of attraction and see what you get. I personally enjoy the book The Secret. There is a DVD too (although it reaks of product placement and is very info-mercial like).

When I realized that there were tangible things that I could do to teach my kids about this law, I immediately started.

When I first sat down with my kids and talked to them about this concept they were about 5 and 7 years old and the weird thing is that it wasn’t news to them. It just seemed to make sense to them right away. Of course it did, because children and born with this knowledge already…and through our own experiences of life, we inadvertantly teach them otherwise.

Lesson 1 for our Family.

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Welcome to my blog.

This blog is to allow like-minded moms to chat, share resources, and parenting tips. If you are a mom who lives her life striving for spiritual enlightenment, then you know that your parenting may differ from those around you. Most parents raise their children by instilling in them a sense of spirituality. But providing an environment for your children that encourages them to ‘awaken’ to what life is meant to be, goes far beyond talking about ‘god’ or telling them they can ‘be whatever they want when they grow up’.

It’s about teaching your children about the law of attraction and practising it every day.

It’s about helping your children see the beauty of nature and understanding that we are all one.

It’s about using alternate methods to dealing with physical or emotional pains over and above medical intervention.

All of the above often cause for raised eyebrows in parenting circles, and unless you as a mom connect with other moms that share similar views, it can be somewhat lonely.

So, let’s come together and raise our children so that they become ‘enlightened’ adults who will change the world. It’s the best gift you can give them.