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Where is dad in all of this?

Someone asked me the other day where my hubby stood in regards to my new age approach to parenting. I have to say, that I married a sweet man, however he is most possibly the most negative person that I know. When I first started talking about Reiki the conversations went mostly like this:

‘I went to Chapters today and I bought my Reiki manual.”

“Your what? Your Ranki manual?”

“Reiki, honey, REE-KEE!”

“Oh, how much did this Reker manual cost?”


“Whatever, how much did it cost?”

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How to explain Reiki to Children

In my last post I mentioned how wonderful I believe Reiki is on ADHD children, and children in general. However, my being able to practise Reiki on my children wasn’t always so easy. The first step was explaining Reiki to my young sons.

So how to you explain Reiki to young children? Well, I am not the ultimate authority on that, or anything else for that matter, but I can share with you my experience. I spent days trying to figure out how to explain Reiki to my children. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that my youngest son explained it for me…in one word.

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Energy Work & Reiki – the effects on ADHD

My previous post dealt with my preparations in anticipation for dealings with my son’s school and teacher. This is ongoing…and we haven’t met yet. (Trust me, you’ll hear all about it).

In this post however, I want to tell you about my experiences using Reiki on my ADHD/Oppositional son. ( I have to reiterate that the only reason I use the term ADHD and Oppositional is as a point of reference for those who do not yet know my stance on the issue…if it were up to me, I’d call it something else).

Back to Reiki. So what is Reiki? Google Reiki and see what you get. It comes back with over 22 million references to the word. Reiki is not as foreign or uncommon as what I had initially thought either. It turns out, that it’s just not talked about that much in general circles (or my own personal circles I guess).

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The ADHD Sho-down – School vs Newagemom

Now that school is back in session I am once again faced with dealing with my son’s non-conformist attitude to school and learning. Already I have received notes from the teacher regarding his ‘disruptive’ behaviour and his trouble concentrating during lessons. I think these subtle, friendly ‘just thought you should know’ notes are simply the appetizer before we are asked to come to the school to discuss the main course, or ‘options’ for my son. These ‘options’ mostly involve some sort of psychosocial drug intervention in the form of a little blue pill.

This is where the school and I disagree.

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Rock Solid First Day of School

I know, I promised that I would share with you cool stories about how kids have used tthe law of attraction to get what they want. But since I write this blog I’ll make the executive decision to postponeĀ that for a bit… cause today was a big day.

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